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How to get involved in your community ?

As an artist, it is important to constantly put yourself into environments that help you grow. Sharing the company of likeminded individuals is how you get inspired and develop visions. Social outlets like Facebook and Instagram are great ways to do that. It is also how you can become discovered by investors and other well know artist.

In 2018 I was discovered by an organization called Raw Natural Born Artist. They were based out of LA and travel the world looking for talent to be a part their show. The found me and asked me to participate.

I created 10 pieces for that show and connected with a local graphic t-shirt company called Go(o)d company to make me shirts to sell to promote my brand. It was a great experience because they gave me the creative freedom to design what I wanted and there was no micromanaging during the entire process. I learned so much for this experience, most importantly whom I can and cannot do business with.

As we artist grow, we will be challenged in unimaginable ways, and it is up to us to stay the course and never give up on our vision for at the end of the day that is who we are.

Elizabeth Jr - Cincinnati - at

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