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The Elizabeth Jr brand is a well rounded brand that specializes in many skills. In the past I have coordinated many fashions shows at the University of Cincinnati and provided styling services to local photographers. Check out some of my most prize projects below.


Our Core Values

3 core values that would best describe my business. Diversity, Culture and Beauty.

Diversity has always been a big factor in my life. My love for fashion design developed at the age of 12 and the number one thing I noticed was the models and how there were no real figures on the runway. Elizabeth Jr designs for the masses. There will not be a question of “I am this size or that size.” All sizes are what my brand represents.

Culture is my second value. I am an American designer but roots stem from the country of Nigeria. It is important that I not only recognize my own roots but allow other cultures to have a voice in my designs as well. No brand has been able to successfully merge American and foreign culture into one. Elizabeth Jr is prepared to create timeless and desirable clothing that women and men around the world want.

Beauty, when the word is said I want people to think of Elizabeth Jr. Simple as that. I want to be known for always pushing the envelope. Creating original pieces that inspire consumers as well as other designers is my motto.

Vintage Chic

All the clothing used for the project was provided by the valley thrift store.